Personalized Pastel Portrait Painting on Canvas

Pastel painting from photo on Canvas
Photo to Pastel Painting on Canvas

I had the opportunity to submit one of my favorite photos to Photoartomation Art Studio so I could see their amazing photo to painting artwork first hand. My very first impression of them was that they were lightning fast! After emailing them my photo, I had my 3 artistic proofs within 24 hours! It took me longer than that to just decide which picture to send!
It was tough to decide which one to select but I finally decided on the Pastel on canvas. I love pastel colors and felt it would really suit the femininity of my daughters. Once I placed my order it took less than a week for the final product to arrive. Considering that I live in Canada, that was quicker than I ever expected!
I love my personalized pastel canvas painting! It looked exactly like the proof if not better. Sorry, but my camera does not do the artwork justice. The colors are really vivid and bright!
The best part is that it came already mounted onto a canvas frame so all I needed to do was hang it up!
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  1. I would love to try the oil painting. I know a perfect picture that I would use for my mom.

  2. I bought a picture from photoartomation and it turned out to be wonderful! It was a present for my boyfriend on our anniversary and he loved it. It looks like a real painting! All of our friends are impressed and I’ve been telling a lot of people about this place.