Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend - Custom Photo Collage
Custom Photo Collage

Q: What is a good personal Valentines Day gift for my boy friend?

It's our first Valentine's together and I'm horrible at buying gifts. We have been dating for almost one year (one month after Valentine's Day) and I am like clueless. He is 20 and I am 18. He says he is easy to shop for but is no where close to easy. I can't get him any PC or console games because a) he has them all and b) it's not very sentimental. I'm looking to give my boyfriend something personal and kinda unique for Valentine's day and I have no idea what to give him.
I have a budget of about $100, what could I get him?
Please be creative, I want it to be unique and different!

A: Just buy something you feel comfortable with. He'll feel comfortable with it as well. Because you do.
Going for personal - a collage of photos of you two together, perhaps something with pictures of you both in it, include the place we went together and the things we both like? You can send those digital images to photo art website like Personalized Art Gifts.
I sent them my favorite pictures of my sister and they made incredible photo collage. I ordered a large poster print and add a personal message on the top of the artwork. That was awesome! My sister was very, very pleased when I gave it to her as birthday present. It's a great site to create a really personalized photo art gift for someone special in your life! I always use this site to order gifts for people--including myself.
Good Luck

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  1. I sent a digital photo of my wife (I wanted to give her a special present for Valentines Day) to Photoartomation and they turned it into three gorgeous art samples that I could preview online. I had a hard time picking one because all three were really beautiful. Although their prices pretty high I was not disappointed because when I received my order the prepared artwork was much more impressive then online samples. And my wife was just speechless…